Dave Grohl releases first and only live version of Play

Dave Grohl Releases First and Only Live Performance of "Play," Expanding His Epic 23-Minute Composition to a Monumental 36 Minutes

The upcoming release of 'The Benefit Concert Volume 20' by Warren Haynes includes a spectacular highlight: the first-ever--and only to date--performance of Dave Grohl’s 23-minute instrumental epic, "Play," which extends to an extraordinary 36 minutes in its live rendition. This live performance is now available, offering fans the opportunity to witness “Play” being brought to life on that unforgettable evening.

Originally composed and performed entirely by Grohl on every instrument, “Play” is an expansive journey through Grohl's musical prowess and creativity. The video release captures the energy and intensity of “Play” as rendered by Grohl and a veritable murderers row of musical accomplices including Greg Kurstin (keys), guitarists Jason Falkner, Alain Johannes and Barrett Jones, Chris Chaney (bass) and Drew Hester (percussion). The performance's distinctiveness was further elevated by the rhythmic artistry of Abby the Spoon Lady, a prominent Asheville-based busker and advocate for street performance, whose unique spoon-playing skill brought an unexpected and captivating dimension to “Play.” Delivering a blend of visual and auditory artistry, this one and only live version of “Play” is a key highlight of 'The Benefit Concert Volume 20'.