Defects release debut album Modern Error


Out now via Mascot Records

UK Metallers Defects release their profoundly personal debut album, Modern Error via Mascot Records. Modern Error is breathtakingly raw with emotion. Conceptually, it is a deeply cathartic album that acts as a vessel for singer Tony Maue to organise his thoughts on the trauma of being taken into care at a young age.

Threaded through the album are the experiences that Maue has been through, how the five members of the band are all connected and why, at this moment, right now, is the right time for this band to exist. For themselves as much as anyone else.

Modern Error hits with the heaviness and aggression of Lamb Of God and Machine Head, a Linkin Park-like sense of melody, and a touch of Bring Me The Horizon's fearlessness. For all its heavy subject matter, it burns with vitality, power and passion. Woven within is their outlook on the world.

Check out the new video of "Echo Chamber"