Eric Krasno releases new album "Always"

Grammy Award Winning Guitarist Eric Krasno Releases New Solo Album 'Always'

Out now via Provogue on CD, Blue Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl* & Digitally

Eric Krasno consecrates, commends, and celebrates the permanence of family on his fourth full-length solo album, ‘Always,’ out today via Mascot Label Group/Provogue. Across ten tracks with inimitable instrumentation, eloquent songcraft, and raw honesty, the Soulive and Lettuce co-founder, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriter-producer defines himself as not only an artist, but also as a husband, father, and man.

“Before 2020, I was having a good time, but I wasn’t grounded at all,” he explains. “I was going from gig to gig. I was always running around without a purpose. During the last year, I found my people in terms of my wife and son. I’ve created a family who will always be there for me. That’s what the album is about.”

* Yellow vinyl - Limited to 500 - is exclusively available from US indie records stores

US Indie store exclusive yellow vinyl