Mascot Records announces Christmas Rocks!


The nights get darker, the weather gets a little crisper and twinkling lights adorn houses, trees, streets and shop windows. In the distance is the gentle jingle-jangle of bells echoing to the joyous smiles of children throughout the world and as yuletide is being toasted; hark, what is that sound we hear? Oh my, it’s P.O.D., 10 Years, Crobot, Ayreon, Otherwise, Black Stone Cherry and Dragged Under – or doth my ear deceive me?

Joyriding through stereos across the globe on November 27, via your favourite streaming platforms will be the unstoppable sound of Mascot Records' CHRISTMAS ROCKS E.P. But, as a little Apéritif we give you, today, songs by P.O.D. (‘Christmas Lullaby’) and Crobot (‘What Child Is This?’).

Like a mini-aural advent calendar, a little musical treat will be revealed every week on streaming services from the 29th October until 27th November, when you can gorge yourself on the whole packet.

P.O.D.'s beautifully poignant Christmas Lullaby is a gentle acoustic reminder of love and warmth. “Christmas Lullaby Inspires me, gives me hope during these uncertain times. It’s a positive, beautiful, Christmas vibration. Thought provoking and heart felt. It resonates from Southtown, San Diego, all the way to the North Pole,” says Marcos Curiel.


Only Crobot could turn a 19th-century hymn into a doomy Black Sabbath-esque colossus on What Child Is This? with the band saying; "With such a rippin' roster of awesome bands, Mascot has brought us all together to help put you in the Christmas spirit! So put a bow on it and slide it under the tree! Santa, we won't forget to leave some riffs next to your cookies. Merry Riffmas, Beardos!"