New signing: Imperial Tide

Hardcore/metal outfit Imperial Tide signs to Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group
And releases debut single “Slip

Debut EP expected early 2023

Today, the LA and Las Vegas based hardcore-metal outfit Imperial Tide has announced their signing to Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group, which will be releasing the band’s debut solo EP in early 2023. To celebrate the announcement, the band is offering fans the first taste of their upcoming project with their debut single “Slip,” an in-your-face, blustering rocker that calls to mind artists like Code Orange, Knocked Loose, and Gojira.

“Imperial Tide is a reaction to the world around us,” comments vocalist Landon Hill. “We have always viewed society from a perspective of hope, yet we understand that any resemblance to peace has ever been achieved without aggressive action. ‘Slip’ represents the awakening of Imperial Tide and the call to action to bring radical self and civil change through generations to come. Signing with Mascot Records ensures our message through music will be heard by the masses across the globe. Everything changes after the Tide.”

An unholy union of terrifying riffs, booming bass, bombastic breakdowns, and shrieking wails, Imperial Tide champions an independent mindset in all aspects of their musical empire. The group has built their kingdom from the ground up, infusing it with a passion unrivaled but often imitated in the dusty desert they call home. They screen-print their moniker on their own t-shirts, hang it on the banisters they build from scratch, and conceptualize it in visual metaphors they film themselves.

Composed of five childhood friends with a range of experience in the music industry – musical production degrees, experience with web design and animation, hands on merchandise production, and more – Imperial Tide has mined the depths of emotional turmoil and existential crisis in order to create music that challenges convention and alters perceptions, screaming in defiance at any and all who would try to oppose their reign. Early live appearances have included Rockville 2021 and the SO WHAT? Music Festival, as they gear up to take the US by storm in 2023.