New VOLA video

The genre-welding Danish-Swedish quartet VOLA return with their brand-new song, the incredible ‘Head Mounted Sideways.’

‘Head Mounted Sideways’ is their first new music in two years following 2018s album, ‘Applause of a Distant Crowd.’ The song elegantly flows in and out of crushing riffs and hauntingly beautiful melodies all with the musical complexity that has become the hallmark of a VOLA song.


“The ‘head-mounted sideways’ is a metaphor for ‘looking the other way,’” says Asger Mygind. “I did not have any plan with the lyrics, but once I knew that they should convey anger, It was intuitive to talk about the decline of civilizations and not taking responsibility for the obvious decline. It doesn’t necessarily speak about Earth in 2020. What I felt was important to get across was the image of a world built on flawed morals, and how this world eventually crumbles and falls due to the cracks in the foundation.”

The new VOLA album will be announced in 2021... Keep your eye on this site.