Paul Gilbert Releases Christmas album 'TWAS

Paul Gilbert and The Players Club / Mascot Label Group have released the new seasonal offering titled 'TWAS. Gilbert’s 17th solo album features a dozen recordings, two of which are new, original compositions. Vinyl, CD and digital formats are available globally now!
Gilbert and the label present a new music video for “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” which can be viewed here: . Gilbert offers: “The song starts with my most manic guitar trill. The band follows me as I bounce back and forth between freshly baked blues-rock riffs, and the classic "We Wish You" melody, all played through a swirling flanger. As we reach the 4 minute mark, my brain runs out of ideas, which is when the guitar solo really goes into full gear. Good tidings we have brought. Figgy pudding! Or at least rock and roll. Don't go, until you get some! Merry Christmas!.”


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