The Cold Stares debut powerful new single

The Cold Stares Debut Powerful New Single and Video "Horse To Water"

A Nod to Southern Blues Rock Legacy

The Cold Stares, known for their electrifying blend of blues-rock, have released their latest single, "Horse To Water," the first taste of an exciting slate of new material expected later this year. This new track emerges as a profound reflection on the band's unexpected yet embraced connection to their Southern musical roots, delving deep into themes of resilience, redemption, and the enduring power of personal and musical legacy, all expressed through a contemporary lens that only The Cold Stares can offer.

"After touring the world the last few years, we kept getting the tag 'southern' attached to our music in interviews and press,” recalls guitarist/vocalist Chris Tapp. “Being 'southern' was never something we intentionally did or tried to interject, but since we had been labeled as such, I decided to write a series of songs that exemplified what that term meant to me. 'Horse to Water' is a tip of the hat to southern leaning blues rock bands like Bad Company and Skynyrd in the voice of who and where we are today as The Cold Stares."

“Horse To Water” represents a homage to the southern blues rock tradition, channeling the spirit of legendary bands while infusing it with The Cold Stares' unique perspective and sound. "Horse To Water" captivates with its gritty guitar riffs, compelling vocals, and a backbone of robust rhythm, embodying the heart and soul of southern blues rock as seen through the band's eyes.