The Cold Stares release two new songs


The Indiana blues-rock outfit The Cold Stares have unveiled “Nothing But The Blues” and “The Ghost,” two new singles that reflect a new era of songwriting for the band. Both featuring characters fueled by desperate longings - for hope, for purpose, for comfort – “Nothing But The Blues” is an epic anthem that wrestles with hard times in a down-and-out town, while “The Ghost” channels the redemptive fervor of a Sunday morning tent revival. 

“Nothing But The Blues is kind of a continuation of the theme of our song ‘Hard Times,’” comments guitarist/vocalist Chris Tapp. “I was thinking about what it takes to play ‘authentic blues,’ which traditionally meant suffering through the horrors of the old south. In my mind, there are so many things that can definitely set you down in the blues in the current world we live in. Lot of things in this song are sadly autobiographical, but as always it seems to take some challenges and struggles to bring about honest art.”


Reflecting on the band’s haunting second single, Tapp adds: “’The Ghost’ is a song about the loss of true love. Visually it’s a man secluded in a cabin in the southwest, mourning the loss of his wife and unable to move past it. He’s left there with her spirit and the memories they had. I thought the most poignant line in the song was, ‘Sit around and stare at these walls, killing time until Jesus makes that call.’”