VOLA releases new track "Paper Wolf"

Danish-Swedish powerhouse VOLA and Mascot Records present a new recording and official music video for “Paper Wolf” in front of the band’s return to North America.

VOLA’s Asger Mygind offers, “We never put boundaries on our songwriting but merely search for a direction that feels unexplored and exciting to us. With ‘Paper Wolf,’ we suddenly found ourselves in a territory where an old-school metal atmosphere crept into our blend of sounds. We liked what we heard and then ran with it at full speed.”

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The “Paper Wolf” video was produced by Riivata Visuals (who also produced the band’s videos for “Head Mounted Sideways,” “These Black Claws (feat. SHAHMEN),” and “Straight Lines.” Mygind shares, “With the 'Paper Wolf' video we looked to entwine a serious narrative with dark undertones, and ethereal visuals into a captivating experience. Riivata Visuals delivered, and we are overjoyed that we had the chance to work together again after joint previous visual adventures".

VOLA will tour the US in September. Go see them!

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