Shaman's Harvest - Red Hands Black Deeds (Red Vinyl)

Type: Vinyl
Release Date: N/A
Shaman's Harvest - Red Hands Black Deeds
Released on July 28, 2017 on Mascot Records on CD, Red vinyl, download and streaming

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Goat toes (wait... what?), vintage amps, sandpaper, CNN, and Motown might not sound like they have anything to do with each other. But this seemingly odd mix actually comprises the sounds and words of Missouri hard rockers Shaman's Harvest latest album, Red Hands Black Deeds for Mascot Records.
"Goat toes are the new cowbells," laughs rhythm guitarist Josh Hamler about the rural percussion instrument made literally of goat toes on a string. "It was in our producer Keith Armstrong's toolbox. We'd tell Keith we wanted a certain sound, and he'd pull stuff out that we never thought of, like the goat toes, sandpaper or an old rotary telephone."

Lyrically, the band ventured into new territory, taking on the current political, social, and economic struggles the USA is facing as a nation. The result is a darker, visceral, layered and decidedly warmer, more analog sound compared to their 2014 Mascot album Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns.


A1. Red Hands Black Deeds (Prelude)
A2. Broken Ones
A3. The Come Up
A4. A Longer View
A5. Soul Crusher
A6. Off The Tracks
A7. So Long
B1. Long Way Home
B2. Bring Me Back
B3. The Devil In Our Wake
B4. Blood Trophies
B5. Tusk And Bone
B6. Scavengers