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Beth Hart - Better Than Home (Red Vinyl) - Signed



Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Beth Hart, has never sounded better (musically and spiritually) than she does on her new album, Better Than Home. What makes Better Than Home quite possibly her greatest album is that it is her most introspective work ever, because it goes to the depth of her soul, revealing terrible pain in her past, family issues and personal demons as well as her coming to grips with them and using that knowledge to find the real beauty in her life.

This is an incredibly moving, self written and composed, album that’s going to reach people on a very personal level, because a one-of-a-kind artist found the perfect formula for exposing her very private inner voice and empowering it with her legendary outer voice.

Better Than Home is available on red vinyl LP on April 13, 2015 in Europe and April 14, 2015 in the US, Canada and the rest of the world.


A1. Might As Well Smile
A2. Tell 'Em To Hold On
A3. Tell Her You Belong To Me
A4. Trouble
A5. Better Than Home
B1. St. Teresa
B2. We're Still Living In The City
B3. The Mood That I'm In
B4. Mechanical Heart
B5. As Long As I Have A Song
B6. Mama This One's For You (Bonus track, only on LP and Ltd.Digipack CD)