Hollis Brown - Ozone Park (Vinyl)

Artist: Hollis Brown
Type: Vinyl
Release Date: N/A
Out on June 7, 2019 on Cool Green Recordings
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Hollis Brown is a hardworking rock 'n' roll band, a group that lives up to the blue-collar legacy of their hometown of Queens, NY. The band has been releasing music since 2013, during which they released an EP and two albums along with a Record Store Day tribute to the Velvet Underground's LOADED album. The group has toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe.

But, as evidenced on their new album Ozone Park, out on Cool Green Recordings, there's also a great deal of sophistication in the mix, rich melodicism and advanced harmonics that allow Hollis Brown -- yes, named after the Bob Dylan song -- to blend a wealth of influences into a distinctive sound. In other words: "Great songs but rock 'n' roll with the sound of 2019".


A1. Blood From A Stone
A2. Stubborn Man
A3. She Don't Love Me Now
A4. Do Me Right
A5. After The Fire
B1. Forever In Me
B2. Someday Soon
B3. The Way She Does It
B4. Bad Mistakes
B5. Go For It

Album download delivered with vinyl purchase.