Koch Marshall Trio - Toby Arrives (Vinyl)

Koch Marshall Trio - Toby Arrives (Vinyl)

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The Koch-Marshall Trio are American guitarist Greg Koch, his son Dylan Koch on drums and Hammond B3 specialist Toby Lee Marshall.

'Toby Arrives' will be released on MLG's new imprint 
The Players Club on February 23rd 2018.

At the heart of this organ trio is a blues sensibility - but Koch's compositions are an amalgam of rock, funk, jazz and country served up with heavy grooves and dynamic improvisations delivered with no small dose of humor and occasional wild abandon.

The trio blends the explosive guitar manipulations of Greg, the groove-centric, power-pocket playing of his son Dylan on drums (who share many telepathic musical moments) and the glorious, Hammond organ stylings of the uber-talented Toby Marshall, Greg’s compositions are properly portrayed in the blues drenched, funk, chicken-fried, gospelly, jazz-rock panorama in which they were conceived. Their first release, “Toby Arrives” the first moments of their unexpected musical partnership captured at an extemporaneous jam session earlier in the year. 


A1. Toby Arrives
A2. Funk Meat
A3. Heed The Boogaloo
A4. Let's Get Sinister
B1. Mysterioso
B2. Enter The Rats
B3. Boogie Yourself Drade
B4. Sin Repent Repeat

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