Oxymorrons - Melanin Punk LP (Natural Transparent Vinyl)

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Artist: Oxymorrons
Type: Vinyl
Barcode: 8712725746164
Release Date: 2023-10-20

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Boundary-pushing melanated punk band Oxymorrons are thrilled to announce their ighly anticipated album, Melanin Punk on October 20 via Mascot Records.

Oxymorrons is one of the most exciting and radical acts in music right now. Each track from Melanin Punk showcases the band's exploration of new sonic territories while staying true to their rebellious spirit and unapologetic authenticity.

The band's upcoming album derives its name from the concept of melanin as a unifying force transcending mere skin tone. Oxymorrons define melanin punk as an emblem of culture, a rebellious ethos, and a celebration of the shared human experience. The band sees themselves as representatives of the people, embracing the diversity that exists within humanity and using their music as a catalyst for unity.

A1. Enemy
A2. Graveyard Words
A3. Look Alive (Netic)
A4. Head For The Hills (feat. Kid Bookie)
A5. Melanin Punk
B1. Last Call (feat. Troi Irons)
B2. Mike Shinoda Flow (feat. Hyro the Hero)
B3. Insomnia
B4. Re-Up (feat. KANNER)
B5. Moon Chasers