Simo - Rise & Shine (Double Vinyl)

Artist: Simo
Type: Vinyl
Release Date: N/A
Rise & Shine - The new SIMO album will be released on September 15, 2017
Available on CD, double vinyl, download and streaming

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On Rise & Shine SIMO widens their sound and is filled with slow-smoked soul ballads,  psychedelic desert-rock instrumentals, hard-edged, bluesy barn burners and Stax-worthy funk rockers.

"Rise & Shine" began taking shape on the road, where SIMO's three bandmates — singer, guitarist and namesake frontman JD Simo; drummer Adam Abrashoff; and bassist Elad Shapiro — spent most of 2016 on tour. They played 215 shows that year, leaving behind their Nashville headquarters and traveling to nine different countries in support of their Billboard Top 10 blues album, Let Love Show the Way.

"If you go through my record collection and look at the more contemporary titles," JD explains, "you'll see the Roots, Wilco, Alabama Shakes, and Ryan Adams. I listen to a lot of old soul music, too. Isaac Hayes. Funkadelic. Bob Dylan. On Rise & Shine, I was just trying to cull from the vastness that is my normal music diet, and not trying to pander to some target that was easy to hit."

Impassioned vocals that call to mind Prince or Al Green. Rhythm tracks inspired by the fatback swagger of Isaac Hayes and funky spirit of D’Angelo. Lush, highly detailed sonic landscapes reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Raw, naked song writing that lifts the veil for the listener to see all the frailty and ugly parts as well as the beautiful. Rise & Shine makes room for it all, with SIMO looking not to recreate old sounds, but invent new ones. It's the band's most expansive album to date — the work of a band at its curious, adventurous peak.


A1. Return
A2. Meditation
A3. Shine
A4. People Say
B1. Don't Waste Time
B2. I Want Love
B3. The Climb
C1. Light The Candle
C2. Be With You
D1. The Light
D2. I Pray