Sterling Ball - The Mutual Admiration Society (Vinyl)

Type: Vinyl
Release Date: N/A
Sterling Ball, John Ferraro and Jim Cox release their new album The Mutual Admiration Society
Out on Favored Nations on CD and vinyl on Jan.19, 2018

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The record features an array of incredible guests; Steve Lukather (Toto), Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, Kansas), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Albert Lee, Jay Graydon and Steve Vai.

The seeds of the The Mutual Appreciation Society were planted a long time ago, back in 1972 to be precise. A young Sterling Ball, was introduced to the sound of Albert Lee by his father, Ernie Ball. It was during his time in Country Rock band Head, Hands & Feet, who were opening for Jethro Tull at a local show and Ball went to see them two nights in a row and then for a third successive night at Hollywood’s Whiskey A Go Go. He was hooked, they met the next day and developed a life-long friendship.

Sterling and John Ferraro went to school together in Junior High; in high school, they started playing music together. After high school, Sterling joined a very small Ernie Ball Company (and later became CEO of Ernie Ball Music Man) and John went on to College at Long Beach State where he met Jim Cox.

What was supposed to be a record by a drummer and bassist/guitarist turned into The Mutual Admiration Society.  An unintended celebration of up to forty years of friends making music together.


A1. Payday Song
A2. The In Crowd (feat. Steve Morse)
A3. Checkin' Up On my Baby
A4. Baby Please Don't Go (feat. Steve Lukather)
A5. Treat Her Right
A6. Sugar Shack (feat. Steve Vai)
A7. Memphis A/K/A Memphis, Tennessee
B1. Cryin' Time (feat. Albert Lee)
B2. I Want You Back
B3. Disney Medley (feat. John Petrucci)
B4. Hey Good Lookin' (feat. Albert Lee)
B5. Strip Mall Gourmet (feat. Jay Graydon)
B6. Heartbroke