Steve Cropper & The Midnight Hour - Friendlytown LP (Green Marble Vinyl)

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Type: Vinyl
Barcode: 8712725748540
Release Date: 2024-08-23
Out on August 23, 2024

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Not many people start new bands in their 80s, but legendary guitarist, producer, and songwriter Steve Cropper isn’t slowing down any time soon. The triple-threat musician was recently nominated for his first solo Grammy for the debut from his tight and tuneful rock n’ soul quintet, Steve Cropper & The Midnight Hour. 

Cropper has wasted no time in following up this success with the sophomore album, Friendlytown, out August 23rd on Mascot Label Group/Provogue. Always pushing ahead and never repeating himself, Cropper has brought in the talents of Billy F Gibbons from ZZ Top to play on the record. Also stopping by Friendlytown is Queen guitarist extraordinaire Brian May, and country-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Tim Montana who has balanced a successful solo career with high-profile collaborations with Gibbons and Kid Rock. 

“If your booty is not shaking in the first two bars of this album you’re already dead in a chair,” laughs Cropper. “I feel so good about this batch of songs. They’re packed with radio hooks, and we have Billy Gibbons, Brian May, and Tim Montana playing on the album—it’s like guitar heaven.”

Check out the album's first single, “Too Much Stress" featuring Brian May. This groovy mid-tempo number features gospel-style backing vocals and a trifecta of the baddest rock guitar players. Brian May sings the duet vocal together with Roger C. Reale and the backing vocals while May and Gibbons trade back-to-back solos. The Queen’s axeman’s trademark snarling tone and lyrical licks perfectly complement Gibbons’ searing blues-based style, with Cropper holding it all down with some signature slinky rhythm guitar work. 

A1. Friendlytown
A2. Too Much Stress (feat. Brian May)
A3. Hurry Up Sundown
A4. Let's Get Started
A5. Talkin’ Bout Politics
A6. I'll Take Tomorrow
A7. Lay It On Down
B1. You Can't Refuse (feat. Tim Montana)
B2. Rain On My Parade
B3. There's Always A Catch
B4. In God We Trust
B5. Reality Check
B6. I Leave You In Peace